Monday, February 13, 2006

Fit to Print

As noted here last week, Chuck Hagel was profiled in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine (2/12/06). You can view the entire article here (NYT free registration required).

Nothing new to anyone who’s followed his career: he’s a war hero; he’s buddies with McCain; he disagrees with Bush about Iraq.

If the article shows Hagel as anything, it’s bitter and defensive. That’s probably why the sad clown pic on the cover. But the fact that the NYT did a cover piece on him, should tell you that he's met their political prerequisites. Does George Allen get this cover piece?


Anonymous said...

Had to comment here. The NYTimes article I thought was an enlightening expose' into an apparently very complex individual. Your quick reduction of the story hardly gives it it's due. Cheap shots I would call them. The guy has led an incredible life- from poverty, death of his father, war hero, self made millionaire and now Senator.
Pretty impressive if you ask me, and all you can say is he's bitter and his party doesn't want him?

Are you impressed with Bush's credentials? let's see... kid from rich and powerful political family; makes millions from the millions he had; lives the
easy life a while; avoided serving in Vietnam; had good jobs in DC; ran for gov
in texas; prematurely runs for president, yet wins; mangles the english language; grows the government at unprecedented levels; sign Rx drug bill that will bankrupt the next generation; Claimed he had a mandate with 50.8% of the vote; send troops to Iraq under suspect conditions; is occupying a country; nation building; Who is the conservative here?

will you pay equal time to the disgrace bush has made of the conservative movement?

Street Sweeper said...

This is a blog about Nebraska pols. I'm sure you can go over to the Daily Kos if you want to bash Bush. The NYT Hagel story is one that plenty of Nebraskans know, and don't need to be retold here. But I'm sure the Bohos down in Greenwich Village will love this article. However, it goes without saying that the NYT's endorsement will be hard for Chuck to live down in his GOP life.