Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stretch Marks?

Now I don’t want to go all X-files on you, but I was looking at David Kramer’s web-site. Now the guy has lost a ton of weight. If you look at one of his old pics (that the OWH is still using) and his pics now, it’s very obvious that he’s massively thinner. The guy has a huge melon to start with, but he used to be John Candy-esque. So he’s dropped at least an Olsen twin in weight, but what’s with the pics on his campaign site?
When you click on it, you get a stretched out photo in a pop-up window (1st pic below), but when you save it, you get the actual version (2nd pic below). Is this an attempt by the Kramer Camp to make the Thin Man thinner? I’ll let you be the judge on this…

To give him some credit as well, here's a before and after of the Thin Man:

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