Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Former AG

Is Donny Sten serious about running for the Senate, or is he just bored?

His demand that Ricketts and Kramer sign a pledge not to use his name in their ads (OWH 1/17/06) is just ridiculous – especially considering he’s done it himself. And what’s the sin in that anyway?

And btw Donny, no one really knows ANYTHING about you, and really has no idea that you’re running for another office now anyway. Then again, maybe they just assume that you are, and really don’t care.

In any case, Don-o’s decision not to debate his opponents is interesting, just in the sense that 1) Kramer is probably the toughest debater of the bunch, and it may look like DS is afraid of him; 2) It doesn’t really matter how Ricketts performs, b/c he has more money than God (though just a little less than Walter Scott, and much less than Warren) to blow on his campaign ads, and soon you won’t be able to nudge your cable clicker w/o seeing one of his ads and; 3) Who in the world even watches these debates anyway? Let me give you a hint: No one. (Even Shugrue and Kotok sleep through them.)

If Don-boy’s campaign is based on some supposed good-campaigning pledge, he may as well pack it up now, b/c that and $6.25 will get him a grande-mocha at Starbucks.

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