Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nelson Reneges On 5-Day-Old Promise to Pay Fair Share

On Friday, August 4, 2006 in a press release from his campaign, Ben Nelson put forward the following statement:

"If the county assessor determines that this land—and similar land held by other Sarpy county owners—should be designated differently, Senator Nelson will readily pay his fair share." (Emphasis added.)

On August 9, 2006, the Nelson camp's description of the idea of paying his "fair share":

Nelson has said he'll pay the $14,000 in back taxes from 2003 to 2006, since the Sarpy County Assessor determined Nelson was not entitled to his claimed Greenbelt designation. But that leaves out the approximately $12,000 plus interest (our guess) that Nelson skipped out of paying by claiming Greenbelt status from 1999 through 2003.
(And for the record, Assessor Pittman said he revokes Greenbelt designations about once a week.)

Fair share???

Multi-millionaire Ben Nelson, can, and should, pay back his Fair Share to the people of Sarpy County, just like he promised just five days ago.

Senator Nelson, pay your taxes.


Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures of the Senator. Unfortunately, this story just won't hunt. The horse is dead.

Street Sweeper said...

We'll see. Interesting choice of words. Glad you like the pics.

Kyle Michaelis said...


Way to stay on-message. If you're not on the Ricketts campaign's payroll, it really is a crying shame. Seriously, you seem to have no purpose beyond creating some sort of hype around that dead-end campaign. You should at least be rewarded for your commitment to such a lost cause.

Bloggers of Nebraska unite!!! One of our brothers needs our help! Let's all band together to make damn sure SS gets the paycheck he deserves! I don't even care if he's already getting paid. After his meritorious service this last week, a raise is most definitely in order.

Street Sweeper said...

Finally! Someone recognizes Leavenworth Street, and it comes from David Hahn's publicist...

And lost is right. Lost to the tune of around $12,000. Or should we say, stolen...

Daily Bulldog said...


The media gives Bennie a free pass and you gloat like a child....or a little girl, I should say. That is not a surprise.

So if Sweeper is paid, do you have a problem with that? On your "Puke Nebraska" site you let all five people who read it know you are a delegate to the NDP convention, and your site is obviously an NDP appendage.

So the NDP can do this and the Rs can't? Just like Ricketts has to pay his full property taxes and Bennie doesn't have to??

Do you see the pattern here?

Do us a favor...take your picture down...your words are nauseating enough, but your mug just makes me lose lunch.

And I am still doubling over with laughter that you are an NDP delegate....that tells me how hard-up those folks really are.

Street Sweeper said...

And just to clear this up, while Leavenworth Street isn't adverse to being paid, we haven't received anything and no one has offered...yet.